What An Article Rewriter Does & Why True Content Marketing Is Better

Article rewriter? What it means…


So there’s this thing called “article rewriting” out there and it’s actually really popular. Some of the writers you follow and read regularly might be doing it too. What it is – it’s basically a way to get around plagiarism by having a person or “rewriting software” plop in some existing content and paraphrase it to sound and appear original.

The whole idea of an article rewriter is to save businesses and bloggers time by eliminating the need to write by hand.

However, some manual work is still required because when the writer reads back the finished product, it won’t make sense. But most of it will. Some of the programs out there that can do this are really good at completing the task. Either way, it’s a massive time saver.

I did some of this before.😕

I worked an internship before where article rewriting was a part of my list of tasks. I was supposed to literally Google articles about SEO, rewrite them in my own words, and post them on the company blog. That was a way to help that company rank for certain keywords organically.

I’ll admit, even though it sounds bad, it did work. This small SEO company was ranking for VERY generic, high-volume searches in the local market such as “seo company” and “seo services”, which blew my mind.

At the time, I thought this was genius. But as I got more and more into digital marketing, I realized there are better ways, and the article rewriting thing was more of just a lazy marketing shortcut.

Not to mention Google’s algorithm has gotten a lot smarter.

Article rewriters and the companies using them are way less able to get away with what they’re doing because search engines have gotten a lot better at recognizing duplicate content and actually penalizing websites for it.


Summarized, here are the benefits of article rewriters:

  • Time savings: Businesses often don’t prioritize blogging because they know it takes a long time to produce content.
  • Financial savings: It costs money to have full-time employees, content writers, and bloggers.
  • Helping a lacking skill set: Some people just suck at writing. Writing somebody’s existing stuff is easier, especially if a program is doing it.

Now, here are a shit ton of ways to be better than that…



This is why I love and appreciate truly good content marketing. It eliminates the BS like article rewriting, stuffing keywords in articles, and trying to trick the search engine algorithm.


Here’s a quote from my friend and expert content marketer, Ryan Robinson.

“Content marketing is a race to the top. You need to create the best possible resources for your audience if you want to stand out.”


Key word there…resources.

That’s what content marketing is all about. It’s about coming up with resources that your audience will REALLY find valuable. Here are a few tips on how to avoid being an article rewriter, and how to be a true content marketer.

1. Write directly to your target clients.

Write as if your target audience was reading it, and read it back from their perspective. Is it actually of value? Or is it robotic and unoriginal? As a time saver, article rewriters often make minimal changes and end up posting content that doesn’t even make sense or have any true value.

It’s unreal how much higher your conversion rate will be if you just write to the correct audience.


2. Be careful with how much inspiration you get elsewhere.

You’re going to need to get inspiration at times. Totally understand. Sometimes I’ll read an article by somebody else and it will spark something else in my mind that ends up turning into a new post.

However, you can’t do too much of that because even subconsciously you’ll end up sounding like somebody else without even realizing it. Make sure above all things, you’re being you.


3. Align with your brand and company values.

It helps to have a written brand statement or mission, along with a list of company values. It gives you something to build a foundation on, and that should show through in all of your marketing efforts, including your blog.

When everything feels cohesive and true to the brand, your audience will feel it and they will trust you more.


4. Provide additional resources on top of just articles.

Article rewriters churn out articles like an assembly line in a factory. But, there are other true content marketing professionals out there making way better stuff that contains more than just articles. There are people making infographics, videos, social graphics, eBooks, templates, free downloads, and including them for free with their content.

Content marketing should always be customer-centric and go the extra mile, even if it takes time. Posts will look more visually appealing and will be more thorough, and customers will notice.


5. Go incredibly in-depth.

Going super in-depth is always a great content marketing strategy. It shows people that you really understand something to its core. Whether you’re a running shoe store, a law firm, or selling water bottles online, being able to talk in a detailed, smart way about a topic sells.

It’s crazy how many emails I get from potential new clients who say they read a post that was either really clear, really in-depth, or really informative. They can see that I know what I’m talking about and it works. Nobody is impressed by rewriting old articles, jamming key terms in, and posting things of low value.


6. Come up with a messaging strategy and framework.

As opposed to mass producing crappy content, content marketers know what their posts are intended to do, and who they’re for.

You should come up with a content marketing or blogging framework when it comes to what you create and how you distribute it. For example, on my Instagram, I like to post #DidYouKnow graphics that show interesting marketing stats (for business owners).

However, on my LinkedIn I post mainly business articles because based on the data I see on the platform (and in Google Analytics), I know people in my key audience segments respond well to that content. I never post those same graphics that I post on Instagram on LinkedIn.

I also bucket my types of content so that I’m hitting business owners and other marketers from angles that will interest them. Come up with a well thought-out methodology and stick to it.


7. Realize your laziness will follow you.

This is less about content marketing and more about character. Not trying to completely offend anybody but we all know that article rewriting is just a shortcut. It’s either a financial savings, a time savings, or a way to trick the system. Something about it just screams lazy to me.

That will always carry over into other things you do in your marketing efforts. The sooner you realize you need to put the real work in, the better off you will be.


8. Heavily promote and distribute your high-quality content.

When a piece of content is good, you know it is. That makes you want to get on all of your social platforms and share it out. It makes you want to email people and ask them to share it too.

However, using an article rewriter – you might not necessarily feel that same pride. You might just quietly post that article on your blog and hope that nobody ever actually takes the time to read it, because you know deep down that it’s not providing any value.




9. Don’t be afraid to outsource content marketing.

Know what you’re good at, and outsource the rest of it. Same applies for content marketing and writing.

I am a strong believer that content marketing provides a stronger ROI than people think. Having an article rewriter is one thing, but having a content marketing consultant who can strategically help you produce things that get shared (and even go viral) is incredibly valuable.

You can either dump money into a 12-month print magazine advertising contract, or you can reallocate those funds to pay a content marketing consultant to help you build trust with your audience. Not to mention improve your search rankings.

Hiring a resource will pay off.


10. Care about what you’re writing about.

I guess step one is caring about the topic. If you’re hiring article rewriters or using article rewriting software instead of hiring somebody, or making good content yourself, you may need to look in the mirror and decide if you really care or not.

If you don’t like SEO, don’t post content about SEO. Don’t even offer it. There’s no point in trying to trick the system to get clients if you won’t be able to execute once you get the leads.


In summary…

I think the digital marketing industry has gotten to the point where article rewriting needs to become thing of the past. If it’s not yet, it will be eventually.

There’s a lot of content out there. Unfortunately, a lot of it doesn’t provide anything helpful. Many people are still in a “trick the algorithm and improve my SEO” mindset.

If we can get to a point where companies are actually providing their unique perspective, the ones who are “faking it” will fizzle out because they can’t handle what goes into good content marketing. Time, effort, creativity, and sometimes a financial investment. This article wasn’t rewritten by the way!


Thoughts from anyone else?


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